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Steel production and processing: blast furnace, continuous casting, hot and cold rolling mills, pickle, annealing.
Production and loading halls, crane cockpits, control, distribution and analysis stations.
Each time challenging but that does not stop us from providing the best solution - in close cooperation with
customer and operator.

We have been working in the field of process engineering for many years. Finding thermal solutions is what we do on an everyday basis. There is no challenge too demanding for our qualified assembly team.

Inverter cooling system at a rolling mill – minimal complexity, maximum performance. Cooling tower circuit without tapped secondary pump and inverter without own fan. Inlet air through back wall field-by-field, exhaust air via collection hood on top. Cooling module on the face. Air cooling with water from the cooling tower, dual air cooling system with EC direct drive.

To achieve this we used a simple trick: the maximum permissible inlet air temperature of 40°C was used.

An inverter and all its components

Blast furnaces need to be cooled as well. Power electronics with a high protection class and integrated cooling. The customer experience: replacing electronics with mechanics in the cooling system will provide the availability necessary for these kinds of work surroundings. Thermostatic industrial valves with emergency function.

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